Amy and Alex, Breenhold Garden, Mt Wilson

Love happens in different ways and evolves at different stages.

For Amy and Alex, while many people view their relationship as a perfect one because they have the ideal love story of friends to lovers, and being together for years, many don’t see that it is more complex than that, that they have a deeper story beyond that.

During their engagement session, you’ll see in the way they hold, look, and interact with each other that there are a lot of strong emotions and unspoken words being exchanged, these gestures have been built over the years that the couple has been together.

Which as the two shares, they originally didn’t take interest in one another after meeting, no. Their love story gradually developed as they got to know each other as study buddies and eventually took on the role of supporting each other, until finally starting to have feelings for one another.

As their feelings grew and changed, everything else followed. The couple had their share of happy occasions, challenging times, and small moments, all of which made their love story unique from the rest.

Photographer: We are Origami Photo | Venue: Breenhold Garden

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