Kathy and Andrew, Clarkes Point Reserve & Deckhouse Woolwich

One of Carl Gustav Jung’s quotes about love is ‘The meeting of two personalities is like the contact of two chemical substances: if there is any reaction, both are transformed.” and I couldn’t agree more.

This quote of Carl Gustav Jung can easily be applied to love, such as strangers turning into friends, to partners, and finally to husband and wife, however, depending on the type of reaction it can also be negative such as strangers transforming into enemies or lovers going back to strangers.

Fortunately, for lovers Kathy and Andrew, they found the ideal bonding pair and are now transforming their decade of love into an eternal one.

Scroll down and bear witness to the couple’s beautiful transition to husband and wife.

Photography: We are Origami Photo | Caterer: Deckhouse Woolwich | Marriage Officiant: Lillian Lyon | Videographer: Henrik Castillo – Rockmotion Project | Decor Stylist (Ceremony and Reception): Tumbleweed events – Ruth Saunders | Florist: Tumbleweed events – Ruth Saunders | Makeup Artist: Yen Hoang | Hair Stylist: Yoshimi Kumai | Entertainment: Sydney Acoustic Duo (Ali and Alana) and DJ Nam

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