Josie and Peter, Royal Botanical Garden Sydney

Based on my various experiences as a wedding photographer, husband, and father of two, I look at my session with Peter and Josie, and I speak with pure trust, confidence, and certainty when I say, these two are going to make it in the long run.

Why the sudden future telling?

It’s because underneath the beautiful gowns, shinning rings, glamorous reception, and stunning decorations, weddings and marriages are more than just laughs, love, and happy endings, there are also tests, hardships, and obstacles that come with it, though once triumphed through all, the most rewarding feeling and blessing of all – a stronger, bolder, and love.

When Josie and Peter shared their love story with me, it was undoubtedly one that took patience, effort, and hard work, everything that is needed for lasting love and relationship, on top of that theirs has been sailing in the unpredictable seas long enough that they know there’s not storm they can’t handle.

Photo: We are Origami | Ceremony Venue: Royal Botanical Garden Sydney | Reception Venue: Aria | Florals: Frank and Bloom | Wedding Planner: Samantha Burke Events | Make-up: Sophie Lau Make-up | Cake: Stacy Brewer Cakes | Catering: Events by Aria

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