Rosie and Scott, Engagement Session in Newtown and St. Peters

Being the perfect pair or finding the right soulmate doesn’t always mean being exactly the same as your other half.

Liking the same things, enjoying the same food, listening to the same music.

Finding the one is not always equal to finding the exact same you.

Many forget the balance, the opposite attracts, the sun and moon, the yin and yang, and countless others.

These things are the exact opposites yet they give the best harmony and duo.

Another perfect example is the recent engagement I had with the lovely couple, Rosie and Scott. Take a deep breath and enjoy the couple’s engagement session as they go through the lively and vibrant streets of Newtown and slowly make their way to their relaxing and peaceful home.

A beautiful example of why contrast, opposites, and balance are essential to a lasting love.

Love is part of life, and in life, we find many lessons.

Though I have been witness to several love stories due to being a Sydney wedding photographer, what many people don’t know is that in each session and coverage I only don’t get rewarded with meeting amazing people and witnessing lovely stories. In each session, I get a different lesson, perspective, and experience that enables me to grow as a better father, lover, and person.

While it may not be a tangible reward, these lessons are immeasurable beyond comparison.

Photographer: We Are Origami Photo | Location: Brewtown Newtown

  1. Rosie and Scott says:

    it was so lovely to see these – we fell in love with our photos all over again! Thank you so much for the beautiful job you did – we can’t wait for our wedding!

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