Maggie and Aaron, The Rift Bowral

Everybody wants to have their own beautiful garden, but not everybody knows it’s not as easy to build or maintain as it looks.

To have your own blooming garden, you need to invest in three things: time, love, and effort.

Just like the beautiful florals and venue of their engagement session at the Rift Bowral, Maggie and Aaron’s love was an eternal garden in full bloom.

After being together for more than a decade, these love birds have fortuitously nurtured their love, and just like a garden it was built through the immeasurable and priceless time, love, and effort, they have invested over the years.

And now, they are ready to take their love one step further and start building their own home, a place only theirs, where they can relax, unwind and share a warm cup of coffee as they welcome more years and let their love bloom even more.

As a Sydney wedding photographer, I am always blessed to bear witness to these kinds of love stories which is why in return for these wonderful moments, I do my way of sharing with other people so in a way I am also able to give some of these blessings.

Photographer: We Are Origami | Venue: The Rift Bowral | Florist: Chanele Rose Flowers

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