Elle Family, Simpson Cottage, NSW

Family is the most important people we can have in our lives.

During this session that I had with Elle, her husband David, and their son Harvey, it felt like it was an abstract and art of how beautiful a family and life can be.

The comforting location of Simpson cottage reminded me of how an empty and quiet home truly becomes a home when it is filled with people that care, love, and look after one another.

And in the afternoon, when walking towards the beautiful beach near the cottage and until reaching it, I thought of the different journeys each family takes and how families are also like warm sunsets at the beach.

It is overwhelming, warm, and bright, but there is only one, no sunset is the same, each is seen and remembered differently.

Just like with families, there are many but there is only one for each of us.

However, what hit the most during this session is how the crazy fast-paced world and lifestyle that many people have, have many people forgotten or get in the way for them to pause and take some time to spend with their families.

That in trying and difficult times, when you need to take a breather, your family is the place you need to be.

Photographer: We Are Origami | Location: The Simpson Cottage

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