Mandy and Gordon, Fig Tree, Watson’s Bay

Like most happy endings, Mandy and Gordon had theirs last year on the 27 of November at the Fig Tree in Watsons Bay in Sydney.

The couple has been together for 6 years, in all that time, knowing, growing, and building each other. During my session with them, I could easily sense the couple’s calm, relax, and easy-going vibe, which is probably explained by their organic love and connection, something both the couple used to describe their relationship in the questionnaires I gave them.

The exact words they used are, we are family.

How their dream wedding came to life was in late 2019, in between the celebration of Christmas and New Years’.

The couple went on a trip to Queenscliff and there they were welcomed with many dogs, something the couple both love. It is here where Gordon popped the question and Mandy sealed the deal by saying the three-lettered word.

How was their wedding?


Scroll down to see it for yourself.

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Location: Watson Bay Fig Tree | Hair & Makeup: Faces Makeup & Hair | Celebrant: Robyn Pattison

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