Ho Family


Through my years as a wedding photographer, I often noticed that there is a difference with family session and couples on their wedding or engagement session.

As I capture the beautiful smiles and moments of the Ho Family, I stumbled a moving and also heart aching realization.

Families treasure their moments differently because they never know, on contrary they do know how fast everything can change.

Those baby bottles sitting on counter, the endless diaper changes, and those sleepless nights may seem like forever but they actually only last for a while and are only in the moment.

This makes me feel so touched and honored that these beautiful families are asking and trusting me to preserve these powerful and fleeting moments.

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Photography: We are Origami Photography | Florals: Trille Floral | Hair & Make-up: Sophie Lau | Gowns: Doux and Delicate | Venue: The Rift, Bowral