November 28, 2018

Casita Rio with Erich McVey, San Antonio


Captured at Erich McVey’s Masterclass (from The Hybrid Co) in San Antonio, this lifestyle shoot took inspiration from the textures and colours of the English countryside and blended together a loose narrative and fashion photography – creating imagery that focuses on light, texture and place.This editorial portrayed three female models – their relationship as best friends who have grown up as countryside neighbours all their life. They decide to spend a day together exploring the wooded area near their homes. Their personalities and body language were inquisitive and interactive – not being afraid to connect with each other and their environment. They moved with a relaxed purpose – exploring their surroundings. The wardrobe styled by BENJAMIN HOLTROP consisted of classic English silhouettes that played with layering and textures. The clothing are a mixture of workwear and contemporary pieces featuring materials such as twill, tweed, cotton, canvas and shearling. Accessories were kept minimal mostly focusing on hats and bags. Hair and makeup by NATALIE ISSA played with natural hair texture, matte skin with flushed cheeks and lips.