A wedding is a beautiful and momentous day for couples, no doubt, and we are unbelievably lucky to get to capture those incredible moments. While the wedding is beautiful, perfect, and remarkable, the marriage itself is quite the journey and should be celebrated with each passing milestone! Aisha and Jimmy celebrated their anniversary with a lowkey session at one of our favorite places, The Cottage. Celebrating the day-to-day side of a marriage is anything but mundane and we were thrilled to snap these two in an intimate ‘at home’ style portrait session. Aisha and Jimmy are crazy stylish and their chosen outfits, in shades of neutrals, only seemed to perfectly complement the contemporary design of The Cottage. We love the idea of celebrating an anniversary by taking the time to remember how you are as a couple at that exact moment…

Venue: The Cottage Kangaroo Valley | Makeup: Sophie Lau | Lab: The Find Lab



Beautiful images of what looks like a very adorable couple.