About your photographer
Hey, I'm David

Husband to Belle, Daddy to Jasmine Rose and our gorgeous new addition, Jayden Oskar and hopefully, potential photographer and friend to you.

I’ve been a photographer of beautiful weddings and portraits for close to a decade. I actually started out studying commerce and going on to work in finance. It was many years later that I got a chance to hold my first camera and discover the beauty of pressing pause on those wonderful moments, creating keepsakes of all that I had seen. My journey as a wedding photographer was organic when I was asked to capture the wedding of some friends. I had a clear career pathway planned prior to this but fate had other ideas. And so my foray into becoming a photographer had begun.

I’m incredibly passionate about my craft and I am so honored to be chosen by my couples. I consider it my role not only to take the images but to provide tips for them, to introduce industry connections, scout out the venue in advance, suggest ideas and above all, ensure that they are comfortable and completely at ease whilst I capture the emotion. I like to treasure the little things, to truly see your romance from all sides. The name Origami comes from that concept. Each story is unique and comes in a different shape and size. It’s my job to capture the magnificence and meaning as it unfolds. It’s not just about talent when I photograph a wedding, it’s about trust, and I hope that my easygoing, fun and friendly style brings a positive energy to the day.

When I look back at my journey as a photographer so far I feel that everything has happened exactly as it was meant to. From meeting my beautiful wife, where we bonded over our mutual love of Japan, to creating a family of our own and making the move from working with facts and figures to film photography.

But what you need to know most about me is that I believe in love.

And money can’t buy you love.


I believe in beauty. The right light, the dreamy details, setting the stage for the most elegant scene. I’ll forever be pursuing pretty and you can bet your bottom dollar if there’s beauty then I’m right there behind it. Beauty may be in the eye of the beholder but it’s captured by the one holding the camera, waiting in the right light at the right time.


Photography is simply a collection of moments, an assembly of stories full of emotion. It’s the moments I’m hired to photograph – the vows, the first dance, the speeches, the celebration. But it’s also those moments that you might miss, often these matter the most. Seeing your bride on the morning step into her shoes ready to walk down the aisle, the tear he wipes away as he catches his breath on your arrival, your first moment alone as newlyweds (well, you thought you were alone!), my trusty lens and I never miss a moment of pure love. It is my sincere promise to you to provide the moments that you dream of, those little secret seconds that make up those forever memories, I’ll be there with you, capturing every chapter of your tale.


All you need is love. I can chase beautiful all day long but it’s impossible to orchestrate connection. Each couple has their own unique love tale to tell and it’s my privilege to witness this on the wedding day. How you look at one another, the stolen glances and secret touches, those unspoken moments where it feels as if it’s just the two of you in the universe, what an honour to capture your hearts. It’s this insane, inimitable romance that keeps me doing this day in, day out, turning up with trusty camera in tow to witness your story, I’m addicted to love!

“Each story is unique and comes in a different shape and size. It’s my job to capture the magnificence and meaning as it unfolds. It’s not just about talent when I photograph a wedding, it’s about trust, and I hope that my easygoing, fun and friendly style brings a positive energy to the day.” – David Duong

Happy Vibes

What they say

"We absolutely love the photos!!! They are just magical. You were so professional and calm despite the rain and wind. Thank you for making us feel comfortable and relaxed, and of course reminding me to let the wind blow as it definitely added a special touch to our photos.

We really appreciate your support - all the emails, reminders, suggestions and tips. It’s our great pleasure to have you as our photographer. We can’t thank you enough!"

Cherry & Adam

"David, these are absolutely amazing! We’ve already both posted some to our social media and the response has been bonkers. We can’t wait to see the rest! We were actually thinking of asking you if you had a photo from ceremony for us to post but this is even better! So thanks for reading our minds!"

Joanna & Joey

"We are so in love and happy with the photos you took!

Thanks for capturing us, I love how happy we look and we will have these to look back on for years to come :) :)

It's going to be so tough choosing photos for the album."

Amy & Alex

"WAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!! Daaaaaymmmm David!!! You are so on the ball holey cheese crackers! Was not expecting sneak peak shots that's for sure! So appreciate these and will defs post and credit you and your mad photography skills! What works of art!!!

Thanks for all the things you did behind the scenes and during go time, your efforts made for such a perfect day to remember for liiiiiife!!"

Katrina & Michael

""David, these are amazing! I'm so happy we finally got to meet in person, and it's been so fun to see your journey with film. Your stuff is looking incredible, and I think you've absolutely found your calling.

Wishing you and your kiddo the best as well, and I hope our paths cross again soon!"

Erich McVey

"OMG WOW DAVID!!!!!!!!!

You have just gone above and beyond. These images are just SO BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!

Thank you for capturing our day so perfectly. You are seriously a gem!!! I'm rave on and on about you in your facebook review right now haha."

Hanah & Caleb